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One explanation for the rapid recent growth of Sustainable, ESG investing practices (also called Socially Responsible, Ethical and Impact investing) is the publication of thorough studies by a variety of respected sources, demonstrating that investors who utilize these strategies do not pay a performance penalty.

Below are links to resources, and here is a link to a website that can be used to analyze fund fossil-fuel exposure: You can also review recent studies and articles on Sustainable investing from the independent fund rating organization Morningstar, the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, and the New York Times.

          A study by the University of Waterloo, (HERE) completed in June of of 2023 shows that from 2013 to 2022,  8 of the US’s largest public employee pension funds lost more than 20 billion             dollars by holding onto stocks from the largest energy companies (fossil fuels). If these pension funds had sold their fossil fuel holdings at the beginning of this period, not only would                     they have earned an additional 20 billion dollars, but they would have reduced the carbon footprints of their portfolios by 279 metric tons (the equivalent of the energy use of 35 million                   homes per year).

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